Apple Bank to Eliminate Certain Fees

Apple Bank to Eliminate Bounced Check
Fees and Debit Card PIN POS Fees


July 19, 2022 

Apple Bank for Savings announced that, along with its system upgrade scheduled for August 8th, it will eliminate fees charged for checks and ACH transactions returned due to insufficient or unavailable funds for both consumer and business accounts. Additionally, the Bank will reduce from six to three the daily maximum number of overdraft fees a customer will incur. The Bank is also increasing the daily overdraft threshold under which no fees will be charged to $50.00 on any business day. 

Separately, the Bank will eliminate fees charged for PIN based Visa® debit card transactions processed on-line or at merchant locations. The Bank does not charge fees for signature based Visa debit card transactions.

Steven C. Bush, Chairman, President and CEO, stated that “The Bank made this decision after careful review and our desire to continue to offer easily understandable, well-priced deposit products”.

About Apple Bank
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