Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Promise

Apple Bank is committed to constantly fostering an environment that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion for its employees and the individuals and business that it serves. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will always remain unwavering, because advocating for a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment positively impacts Apple Bank and its staff, but, most importantly, the customers and communities the bank works with on a daily basis. Both the Apple Bank Board of Directors and staff are steadfast in their support for increased economic opportunities and advancement for all individuals regardless of race, gender (including gender identity), sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, disability, national origin or religious belief.

Therefore Apple Bank, through its employees and board of directors, promises to empower those that strive to support a diverse, equitable and inclusive society. Through ongoing efforts, Apple Bank will remain committed to helping its employees and the communities it serves achieve a high standard of diversity, equity and inclusion that future generations can be proud of.