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  • Fraud Alerts

Keep your money safe.

Recognizing the warning signs of common fraud schemes can help you safeguard both your money and your identity. Here’s how a few of the latest scams work and what to do if you encounter them.

Money Mule Scams
Beware of fraudsters who send you money and ask you to transfer it elsewhere. To avoid Money Mule scams:

  • Don’t accept money from unknown senders. If you receive money from someone you don’t know, contact Apple Bank at (914) 902-2775. 

Natural Disaster Relief Scams
Scammers may take advantage of your goodwill during disasters by posing as victims or charities. To avoid Disaster Relief scams:
  • Only donate to reputable organizations through secure channels. Check out the FTC’s recommendations for finding trusted charities.

Impersonation Scams
Fraudsters can pretend to be trusted individuals or organizations by deceiving you with fake websites, texts, and calls. To avoid Impersonation scams: 
  • Always confirm the recipient’s identity before sending money. If you feel pressured, contact the company directly to verify the request. 
  • Remember that banks or utility companies will never ask you to pay your bills via apps like Zelle®, Venmo, or Paypal.
  • Not sure if you’re speaking to an Apple Bank employee? Hang up, and call us at (914) 902-2775.

Residential Rental Scams
Watch out for fake rental ads that aim to steal your money. To avoid Residential Rental scams: 
  • Never send money to a real estate agent or broker before seeing a property in person. Research the landlord or management company to make sure they are legitimate, and ensure that they are the original author of the online listing.
Share these tips with friends and family to spread the word, and learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.