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Customer Service

Having Trouble Logging In?

If you are unable to login to your online banking account, please review these instructions to access the service. If you still need assistance, please contact CustomerLine at (914) 902-APPLe (2775). Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm ET.

User ID, Password, Registered Users

User ID

Check to be sure that the User ID you are using is correct.

  • Your User ID must be 8-20 characters in length and include only letters and numbers.
  • Do not use spaces or special characters.


  • Passwords are 8-32 characters in length.  The password must contain at least one letter, one number and a special character from the following list: ~!`@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]|\:”<’,>.?/ and space.
  • Check your Caps lock key, passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you have forgotten your password, select the Forgot Password Link on the login page. This will guide you through the steps of resetting your password.

Be Sure You Are A Registered User

Only registered users will have access to online banking. Your registration may be pending or delayed.  Please allow 2 business days for registrations to be approved.  

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Old Page Stuck in Cache

Your browser saves a copy of Web pages you access in a special folder called a cache. Sometimes an older version of the Log In page is still in the cache and your browser does not load the new page when you try to login. Try emptying your cache. (See your browser help for instructions on emptying the cache or clearing the history.) Then close and reopen your browser and try logging in again.

To clear your cache in Firefox:

1. Go to the “Tools” menu
2. Select “Options”
3. Select “Privacy”
4. Select the “Clear Now” button
5. Click “OK”

To clear your cache in Internet Explorer 7:

1. Go to the “Tools” menu
2. Select “Internet Options”
3. On the “General” tab click on the “Delete...” button under “Browsing history”
4. Click on the “Delete files” button under the "Temporary Internet Files". Select “Yes” in the dialogue box asking “Are you  sure you want to delete all temporary Internet Explorer files?”
5. Click on the “Delete History” button under “History”. Select “Yes” in the dialogue box asking “Are you sure you want to delete your history of visited websites?”
6. When the files are through deleting, click “Close” at the bottom of the “Delete Browsing History” box.

To clear your cache in Safari for Mac:

1. At the upper left of the browser, click on the “Safari” tab.
2. A drop down menu will appear.
3. Click on “Empty Cache...”
4. When asked “Are you sure you want to empty the cache,” click “Empty.”
5. Close your browser and re-open it to save the changes.

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Other Reasons for Inability to Login

ATM Network Unavailable. Occasionally our ATM network experiences an outage. This is similar to an ATM machine that is out of order. You may not be able to login until the problem is resolved. In most cases, an error message will be displayed.

Financial Institution Unavailable. Occasionally information from us may be unavailable when you try to login. In most cases, an error message will be displayed. Please try again at a later time.

Web Server Unavailable. Occasionally our Web server is not available due to a scheduled or unscheduled outage. In most cases, an error message will be displayed. Please try again at a later time. If the problem persists, contact CustomerLine at 914-902-2775.

Other System Error. Another type of System Error has occurred. In most cases, an error message and instructions will be displayed.

User Entry Error.
Occasionally you have entered a Web address or password incorrectly, or clicked on the wrong link. If you have successfully logged in before and you cannot login now, please try again and carefully note any system or error messages that may be displayed.

Internet Service Provider. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides your access to the Internet may be experiencing an outage, peak usage, or other network problem. In most cases, when there is an ISP problem, the login page will not be displayed. In some cases, the page will be displayed and you can enter a User ID and Password and click the Log In button, but your session times out before the login can be completed.

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Web Browser Version or Settings

There is a problem with your Web browser or you need a higher version Web browser. If you are a Windows user, try logging in with one of the following recommended browsers:


  • Firefox 3.0
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8


  • Safari 4

If you are already using one of these browser versions, you can also try re-installing the browser.

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This service recommends using a modem speed of 28.8 or higher; however, the speed at which you actually connect to the Internet may vary. In addition, performance results may vary when using cable modems due to differences in duplex technology offered by cable providers.

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Interactive TV Access

Our online banking service does not currently support interactive TV because TV browsers may not conform to generally accepted Web standards, resulting in inconsistent online sessions.

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Cookies Enabled

In order to provide optimal security, performance and reliability, this service requires that cookies be enabled on your Web browser. Cookies are a small piece of information that a Web server can store on your browser so the system recognizes your actions during a session.

The following are instructions for enabling cookies based on your Web browser.

How to Enable Cookies for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7:

  1. From the menu bar of your browser, select Tools.
  2. From the drop down menu, select "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "Privacy" tab, which is the third tab from the left.
  4. Set the slider to Medium High or below.
  5. Click "OK."
  6. Close all Internet Explorer browser windows.
  7. Re-open Internet Explorer and login.

How to Enable Cookies from Safari:

From the menu bar of the browser, Click on "Safari." From the drop down menu, select "Preferences..." Select the "Security" icon. In the "Accept cookies" section, click on "Always." Close the dialogue box.

How Cookies Work. As you browse the Web, some cookies are "set" on your Web browser. For example, cookies are used to store preferences you have requested on frequently visited Web sites. When you close your browser, some cookies are stored in your computer's memory in a cookie file, while some expire immediately. All cookies have expiration dates.

Cookies cannot be used to obtain data from your computer, get your e-mail address or access sensitive or personal information. The only way that any private information could be part of your cookie file would be if you personally provided that information to a Web site. Also, each cookie can only be read at the site where the cookie was created.

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