Important Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Updates from Apple Bank

Last updated: 03/26/20 5:00pm

Important information on Bank Operations, Branch Locations and hours

You Are Our Priority

A message from Steve Bush, CEO

Since 1863, Apple Bank has remained committed to its founding core values – meet the needs of our customers and strive to improve the quality of life in our communities.  During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Apple Bank remains deeply committed to the welfare of all the communities we serve.  If you are facing hardship during these uncertain times, we are ready to identify solutions for you, such as reimbursing ATM fees and overdraft fees, and waiving penalties on early withdrawals from your CD.

Navigating these uncharted waters will require New Yorkers to come together for the greater good. Apple Bank will continue to do whatever is necessary to support the well-being of our employees, while ensuring continuity for our customers and the community. We understand the critical role we play in New York City, and remain committed to upholding our core values.

Stay well, and thank you for being an Apple Bank customer.
--Steve Bush
Chairman, President & CEO

The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is our priority. Apple Bank is closely monitoring updates about COVID-19 and is actively taking measures to help keep our customers and employees healthy and safe.

Meeting Your Current Banking Needs
  • Bank Safely at Home with Digital Banking. Access your accounts, review transactions, pay bills, deposit checks and transfer funds among your other accounts at Apple Bank with our Digital Banking service. Get step-by-step illustrated instructions with our Online Banking Guides for easy enrollment in Digital Banking. Enroll now. Once enrolled, download the Apple Bank Mobile App.
  • CustomerLine Readiness. CustomerLine is ready to provide customers with the extra assistance needed during this difficult time, including assisting you with Digital Banking services. CustomerLine agents are available at 914-902-2775. Modified operating hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 am-7:00 pm and Saturday/Sunday 9:00 am-1:00 pm. We appreciate your patience, as wait times may be longer than usual.
Assisting Customers Facing Hardship
Apple Bank always stands ready to support our customers who are experiencing hardship.
  • Fee Reimbursements and Early Withdrawal CD Penalty Waivers. We are working with customers affected by COVID-19 to identify solutions, including reimbursing ATM fees and overdraft fees, and providing CD early withdrawal penalty waivers. If you are facing hardship, please contact Apple Bank’s CustomerLine at 914-902-2775 to speak with a representative for assistance, Monday-Friday 9:00 am-7:00 pm and Saturday/Sunday 9:00 am-1:00 pm. 
  • Apple Bank Residential Mortgage Customers. If you have an Apple Bank residential mortgage being serviced by Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc. (DMI), and are facing hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact DMI directly at, or at 1-888-442-0023 (Domestic) or 847-550-7300 (Overseas). A Dovenmuehle specialist will work with you directly on hardship circumstances and potential forbearance options.
Providing Answers to Your Questions
 View our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how Apple Bank is responding to questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some common banking questions we hear from our customers include:
  • Why is my neighborhood branch closed?
    We’re doing everything possible to keep our branches open. However, in some locations you may find only ATM or drive-up service available, due to staffing issues and the need to enforce social distancing rules.Please check here for an up-to-date summary of open branches, ATMs, drive-up service and hours of operation.
  • Will I still receive my federal government Social Security benefits?
    Yes. The Social Security Administration is mailing checks or directly depositing Social Security benefits to recipients, as usual. For customers who have selected electronic deposit, your monthly Social Security benefits will continue to be posted to your account upon receipt by Apple Bank. If you elected to receive your benefit checks by mail, you may bring those checks into any open Apple Bank branch, or deposit your checks at an open and available Apple Bank ATM. Stay updated about what the Social Security Administration is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic at
  • How can I access my safe deposit box?
    Full-access branches open to the public Monday-Friday 10:00 am-3:00 pm will continue to serve safe deposit box customers, as usual. Closed branches, or branches limited to drive-up service, will provide customer access to safe deposit boxes by appointment only. View our open and closed branches and ATMs.
Cleanliness and Prevention 
Apple Bank is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-recommended protocols to disinfect and prevent the spread of infection.

What You Can Do
  • Use Apple Bank Online and Mobile Banking – the Safest Way to Bank Right Now. We are here to provide the assistance you need to enroll and set up services to pay your bills. Our Digital Banking specialists are ready to assist and walk you through enrollment and/or service setup steps. Contact us at 914-902-2775.
  • Contact CustomerLine. We are here to answer your questions and assist with hardships you are facing related to COVID-19, without leaving the safety of your home. Contact us at 914-902-2775, before making a trip to the branch.
  • Take Personal Precautions. Visit for updates and necessary precautions to reduce your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.
  • Beware of Scams. Fraudsters are constantly creating new scams, especially in times of uncertainty. Their main objective is to convince you to share your personal financial information, such as account numbers, user IDs and passwords. Be alert for suspicious emails and text messages and do not respond, click links, or open attachments. Apple Bank will never ask you for personal or banking information via email or phone.  Learn more  If you believe you were a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately at 914-902-2775 so we can assist to protect your accounts.