This Online Privacy & Security (“Online Privacy”) policy supplements, and should be read along with, Apple Bank for Savings’ (“Apple Bank”) general Privacy Notice, which still applies and continues in full force.

Apple Bank’s commitment to privacy extends to Online Banking. And because the Internet poses unique risks relating to privacy and the safeguarding of personal information, we have put extra measures in place and provide this additional Online Privacy policy to assist you in protecting your online privacy and security, while seeking to provide a satisfactory online banking experience.

Beyond outlining certain steps you should take (see Online Security, below) to protect the privacy and security of your information online when using the Apple Bank website or related sites (the “Site”), this Online Privacy policy outlines how Apple Bank and/or its servicing or sub-servicing vendors or representatives may collect information coming from or provided by you, whether you are visiting the Site merely for browsing or are using an Online Banking service, such as Bill Payment, Money HQsm, or View Mortgage Loan Info).

This policy is effective as of September 13, 2016. The most recent version will be posted to the website. Please review periodically.

Online Privacy

  1. Browsing Our Site
    If you are merely browsing our Site to determine which products and services might be right for you and, for instance, you view web pages, use the Online Banking Demo or one or more of our Life Insurance or Investment Calculators, testing “what if” scenarios, etc., Apple Bank will not collect, capture or retain any personally identifiable information. You may browse the Site anonymously and do not need to provide us with any personal information.

  2. Providing Personal Information
    However, if you do provide personal information to us when using the Site, that information may be used by Apple Bank and its servicing and sub-servicing vendors to complete or respond to your inquiry, request, application or account transaction. For further details about how we use your personal information, and how you might limit some sharing of information, please see our Privacy Notice.

  3. Using Online Banking Services
    To register for, enroll in and use an Online Banking service (e.g., Bill Payment, Money HQsm, View Mortgage Loan Info, etc.) you must submit personal information, such as your email address, account number, SSN and date of birth. Generally, doing so will allow you to correspond with Apple Bank, review your accounts, etc.

  4. About Cookies
    Cookies are small pieces of information stored on a web browser by a web server, permitting the system to recognize a user’s actions during a session. Among other things, they may be used to identify a computer on which you have enabled enhanced online security features. However, cookies cannot be used to capture data (e.g., your identity, email address, account number or other sensitive or personally identifiable information, etc.).

    Use of the Online Banking Service requires that cookies be enabled on your web browser. This requirement is aimed to achieve optimal performance, security and reliability when you use our Online Banking services (e.g., Bill Payment, Money HQsm, View Mortgage Loan Info). If you set your web browser to reject cookies you will not be able to do any Online Banking with Apple Bank.

  5. Pop-Up Windows
    When using the Site, we recommend that you enable the use pop-up windows to ensure that you are made aware of important information. Please note that Apple Bank does not use pop-up windows for third party advertising.

  6. Online Tracking
    Neither Apple Bank nor any of its servicing or sub-servicing vendors will use cookies or other means to track your online activity when using the Site for any purpose other than: (A) to perform or complete activity or transactions you initiate or request, and (B) to improve Site performance.

  7. Online Marketing
    At this time, Apple Bank does not use any third party marketing or advertising on the Site. Only Apple Bank and its joint marketing partners, respectively, market Apple Bank or joint marketing sponsored products and services on the Site.

    As noted herein, when you click on any link to a third party web site, including the web sites of Apple Bank’s joint marketing partners, you will be subject to the privacy policies, security policies and other terms and conditions of those parties’ web sites. Apple Bank is not responsible for those policies, terms or conditions.

    You have certain rights to opt-out from information sharing practices. To learn more, visit our Privacy Notice.

    Apple periodically engages in marketing solicitations to its customers via email messaging.

  8. Children’s Online Privacy Act
    The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) is intended to protect children under the age of 13 from online collection of personal information. For more information, see the Federal Trade Commission’s web site regarding COPPA and Protecting Kids’ Privacy. Users of the Site must be at least 18 years of age. The Site is not directed to anyone under the age of majority (i.e., 18 years of age). Apple Bank does not knowingly collect any personal information from any person protected under COPPA.

  9. Third Party Web Sites
    Apple Bank is not responsible for the information collection and use practices, privacy policies or security measures that exist and apply when you visit a third party web site. When viewing a third party site by clicking on a link appearing in Apple Bank’s Site, a dialog box will popup to advise you that, upon leaving the Site, you will be viewing a web site controlled and administered by that third party (and not by Apple Bank) and will become subject to that party’s separate product or service disclosures, privacy policy, security policy and web site terms and conditions.

  10. Email
    In general, using e-mail forms on the Site (or sending e-mail over the Internet) is not secure. You should not send any sensitive or private information (e.g., Social Security Numbers, account numbers, account information, User IDs, Passwords, Personal Image or Name, etc.) using the non-secure email forms or via any general e-mail messaging system (including the e-mail links that appear). 

    If you want to send such information, you must do so ONLY after logging in to Online Banking, using Apple Bank’s secure, encrypted Message Center, with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Upon login, please click on the Account Services tab or the Messages button to send a secure message.

    Please do not respond to any email message asking for personal or confidential information, even if the message looks like it came from Apple Bank. Apple Bank will NOT ask for such information via email messages. Any such message could be a Phishing attempt.

Online Security

In addition to the network related measures the Bank takes to secure your personal and confidential information while using your Online Banking Services (e.g., use of 128-bit encryption, Firewalls, etc.), there are steps that you can and should take when viewing the Apple Bank for Savings website and conducting any business through Online Banking, including the Bill Payment and Funds Transfer services.

Upon verification of your Personal Image and Name, when used with your User ID your Password acts as an Electronic Signature and as your legal signature. You are solely responsible for keeping your User ID, Password and other Account and personal information strictly confidential. Although systems safeguards are in place, you, alone, are personally responsible for ensuring your own security online. To help protect yourself against fraud, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Install and activate anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on your PC.
  • Review and reconcile your Accounts on a regular, timely basis.
  • Do not allow anyone to learn, access or view ANY of your bank, brokerage or other financial account data, information, statements or online capabilities, from ANY financial institution.
  • Contact the Bank immediately if you receive unexpected correspondence from the Bank.
  • Do not respond to email messages asking for personal or confidential information, even if they look like they came from the Bank. The Bank will not ask for such information via email messages. Any such message may be a Phishing attempt.
  • Be on the alert to follow through if an expected “welcome letter” or other correspondence is not received.
  • Do not share your Personal Image and Name with others.
  • Do not share your User ID with others.
  • Do not share your Password with others.
  • Do not share your personal information, enhanced security login “security” questions or answers with others.
  • Do not share your Account information with others.
  • Do not walk away from a PC when you are logged in to any service (e.g., Online Banking, Bill Payment, Money HQsm, viewing mortgage information, inquiring or submitting a partial mortgage loan application, or Grand Yield Direct, etc.)
  • Always exit and log off the system when finished.
  • Change your Password periodically.
  • Immediately change your Password if you have any reason to believe it has become known or available to others not authorized to access your Account(s) or Payment Account.
  • Never leave your Account information, User ID or Password within range of others.
  • Do not send confidential Account information (e.g. Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, account number, User ID, Password, “security” questions or answers, etc.) in any public, non-secured or general e-mail system.
  • Review the terms and conditions of your agreement with FISERV to assure compliance with its procedures.
  • Review the terms and conditions of your Funds Transfer Service Addendum to the Online Banking Services Agreement with the Bank to assure compliance with its procedures.

If you believe your Password has been lost or stolen, or if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your Account, call the Bank AT ONCE at (914) 902-2775 between the hours of 8:30 am to 6:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday.  Telephoning us is the best way to minimize your losses and liability.  If your belief or suspicion relates to Funds Transfer services, call the Bank AT ONCE at 1-800-588-5871.

Change your Password IMMEDIATELY if you have any reason to believe it has become known or available to persons without authority to access your Accounts or Payment Account.   


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