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Foreign Currency Services

Apple Bank offers a broad array of foreign currency services and foreign-denominated international wire services at all of its  branches, conveniently located in greater New York.

Bank Notes/Cash

Order your foreign currency before you leave for your trip. You'll save time and money -- and enjoy peace of mind!

When you arrive at your destination with your currency in hand, you'll benefit in a number of ways. You'll avoid hunting for the nearest exchange bureau, dealing with unknown rates and fees, and facing possible language barriers when exchanging your money. Wouldn't you rather begin your trip with cash in hand to tip, buy a meal and hail a cab?

No matter where you're headed, Apple Bank's Foreign Currency Services can help you plan a worry-free and enjoyable trip. Visit any of our branch locations for service.

Benefits to You

  • Choose from over 80 foreign currencies available to buy and sell.
  • Conduct your transaction conveniently and safely at your local branch.
  • Get immediate US cash back for your foreign currency.
  • Enjoy quick turnaround on currency sell orders (1-2 days).
  • Buy back currency upon return from your trip.
  • Receive great rates and pay a low fee.

International Wires

International payments are easier than ever when you use Apple Bank's service. Use your local branch for your foreign-denominated international wires and save time and money. The convenience of conducting your transaction while doing your banking means less time worrying about your wire.

Benefits to You

  • Enjoy extremely competitive exchange rates.
  • Choose from over 25 currencies available to conduct your wire payment.
  • Create your payment while completing your other banking business.

For more information about Foreign Currency Services, visit your local branch or call CustomerLine at 914-902-APPLe (2775).

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