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AppleGramSM International Money Transfer

Apple Gram LogoYou work hard to support your family, and when you send money back home to another country, you want to be sure it arrives. Apple Bank provides a service that lets you send money internationally. AppleGramSM International Money Transfer, a low-cost and convenient way to send money overseas.

How does it work?

Visit any one of Apple Bank’s locations, tell us where to send the money, who should receive it, and how you want it to be picked up. We will do the rest.

What does it cost?

The cost to send money with Apple GramSM International Money Transfer is very competitive with other well known international money transfer services making it much more cost-effective to send money directly from the Apple Bank, then to use an outside provider.

Benefits of AppleGramSM International Money Transfer

  • Low transaction fees and favorable exchange rates help you get the most out of the money you send.
  • Money can be sent directly to a bank account or picked up as cash.
  • Transfers can be scheduled in advance – money is sent automatically on a day you specify.
  • Text messaging is available to notify your recipient when the money is ready.
  • Tracking and updates are available at the Apple Bank branch from which you sent the money confirming the status of your transaction.

All it takes is three easy steps...

  1. Go to the Apple Bank branch of your choice, review our global network, and select where you want the money to be sent and who you want to receive it.
  2. Select the best option for delivery.
  3. We send the transfer, and your specified recipient will have access to the money according to the delivery option chosen.

To learn more about AppleGramSM International Money Transfer, or to discuss opening an account with us, stop in to one of Apple Bank’s locations throughout the greater New York area and a representative will happily answer any questions you may have.

Apple Bank Wire Transfer Services

If you need to transfer larger sums of money overseas, Apple offers traditional wire transfer services at all of its branches, denominated in U.S. Dollars or foreign currencies.

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