Personal Banking
Personal Banking

Debit Card/ATM Overdraft Coverage

Have you ever tried to use your ATM or debit card to:

  • Purchase necessary items at a store. . .
  • Buy groceries for your family two days before payday. . .
  • Get gas when you’re far from home and running on empty. . .
  • Withdraw cash for an emergency. . .

only to have your transaction denied due to insufficient funds?

Apple Bank offers personal (consumer) checking account customers optional expanded overdraft coverage that includes everyday debit card and ATM transactions. With this coverage, you’ll enjoy additional security, convenience and peace of mind, should you have unavailable or insufficient funds when making a purchase with your debit card, or withdrawing funds from an ATM. 

You Must Take Action (Opt-In) To Receive Coverage

Federal regulations require that you opt-in, or agree, to accept this overdraft coverage on your everyday debit card and ATM transactions. Until you agree, your everyday debit card and ATM transactions will be denied if you don’t have sufficient available funds.

How To Opt-In

First, please read our Overdraft Opt-In Form.  This form contains important information about overdrafts and Apple Bank’s overdraft fees that you should read before you opt-in for Debit Card/ATM Overdraft Coverage. 

You may opt-in by doing one of the following:

Other Ways to Cover Your Account

With Debit Card/ATM Overdraft Coverage, we may pay debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals in the event that they overdraw your account.  However, overdrafts are paid at Apple Bank’s discretion, and we cannot guarantee that every overdraft will be paid. 

If you are seeking automatic coverage of checks, debits and payments, Apple Bank’s SureLine® secured overdraft line of credit may be right for you.  Visit your local branch, call CustomerLine at 914-902-2775, or click here to learn more.

What coverage is right for you?  Please visit any Apple Bank branch to talk to a banker, or call CustomerLine at 914-902-2775. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Overdraft Opt-In Form

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