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Personal Banking

SureCredit® Personal Loans

Apple’s SureCredit®: When You Want Money Fast, But Don’t Want to Pay More

Apple’s SureCredit® products provide you with an instant, low-cost method of borrowing for personal needs of any nature. There are no application or annual fees, and no personal financial information or credit bureau reports are required.

Except for IRA and QRP plan accounts, which are ineligible to be pledged, you can use your funds on deposit at Apple Bank as collateral for your SureCredit® loan or line of credit. Borrow for your personal needs while still maintaining flexibility in how you invest your funds at Apple Bank. Select any Certificate of Deposit Account or Savings Account as your investment account. With Certificates of Deposits, you may change the renewal terms of your CD at maturity and still have SureCredit® available for any use.

SureCredit has two innovative ways to put your money to work for you while building a credit history:

  • SureLoan®
    A flexible term, fixed rate installment loan.
  • SureLine®
    A fixed rate, overdraft line of credit.


This fixed rate installment loan may be used for any purpose. With flexible repayment terms, you may take up to 72 months to repay, regardless of the type of account pledged as collateral. Choose the repayment method that best suits your needs:

  1. On demand in one lump sum for up to 12 months
  2. In monthly installments using a coupon payment book
  3. Through automatic monthly payment deductions from another Apple Bank account.

With each installment payment made, the hold against your pledged funds decreases. The minimum loan amount is just $500, and is secured by one of your Apple Bank Savings or Certificate of Deposit Accounts. Visit a local Apple Bank branch to inquire about current interest rates.


As a highly competitive and fixed rate overdraft line of credit, SureLine® may be used for virtually any purpose. Because this product is attached to your Apple checking account, you only pay for the credit you actually use, and funds become available to use again and again as you repay.

The minimum credit line available is $500, and is secured by one of your Apple Bank Savings or Certificates of Deposit Accounts. Visit one of our locations to ask a customer service representative for the current interest rates.

Apply Today

Apply for any SureCredit® Loan today by speaking with a customer service representative at one of Apple Bank’s locations. If you have a qualifying account, your loan could be approved in just minutes. For more information about these accounts, visit an Apple branch, or call 1-914-902-APPLe (2775). TDD number for those using text transmitter equipment is 1-800-824-0710.

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