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Apple Bank Debit App

Marry your debit card and smartphone to maximize control, security and convenience

Turn your card on and off
Control usage based on location
Set spending limits
Initiate and receive messages and alerts
Utilize email or SMS text

When it comes to providing consistent control and strong security, putting your debit card and smartphone together is a perfect match!  With the Apple Bank Debit app from Visa®, you’ll be able to manage how, when and where your debit card is used, anytime and anywhere.  And with our convenient and secure Touch ID access, you won’t have to worry about managing a password.

Manage Your Card to Help Keep Your Money Safe and Prevent Fraud

Here are some examples of how the Debit app provides you with maximum control of your debit card.

  • Ability to turn your card on and off.  Can’t locate your debit card? You can immediately turn your card off to decline transactions while you search for your card. No one will be able to use your card until you are ready to turn the card back on.
  • Control usage based on location.
  • Set limits on your card.
  • Utilize convenient Tap and Pay (Android devices only).
  • Receive transaction alerts when your card is used. Know exactly where you stand with ATM withdrawal alerts, low balance alerts, declined transaction alerts, gas station alerts, transaction threshold alerts for airlines, car rental, hotels, dining and more.
  • Receive account management messages that confirm activity you initiate to manage your card. Examples include adding, deleting or updating a card on your account, changing or adding an email address, verifying a mobile phone number and more.
  • Initiate and receive alerts and messages via email or SMS text.
  • Use locator services to find the nearest branch or ATM.

How to Sign Up

To download the Apple Bank Debit app, visit the iTunes® App Store if you have an Apple device, or the Google Play™ Store if you have an Android device.  Once the app is downloaded, follow the prompts to enroll. Once your enrollment is confirmed, click on your Apple Bank Debit Card image and follow the prompts to sign up for the card features of your choice.

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