Foreign Currency

Want to avoid overseas exchange bureau lines and hassles? Turn to Apple Bank.

More than 80 currencies to buy/sell for your travels
Get immediate U.S. cash back for unused foreign currency
Currency sell orders fulfilled within 1-2 business days
More than 25 currencies available for wire payments
Extremely competitive exchange rates and a low fee

Save time and money with foreign currency and wire services at all Apple branches.

With our foreign currency and international wire services offered by Currency Exchange International (CXI), you can take care of all your international currency needs at any Apple Bank branch  while conducting your banking. Taking an overseas trip? Order your currency before you go. You’ll save time and money, and enjoy peace of mind with your cash in hand. No more hunting for the nearest exchange bureau, dealing with unknown rates and fees, and facing a possible language barrier.

Need to send a foreign-denominated international wire? Payments are easier than ever when you use Apple Bank’s service. Choose from more than 25 available currencies to conduct your wire payment. No matter what service you choose, you’ll benefit from extremely competitive exchange rates and a low fee.