For your security, only download our Mobile App*
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Mobile Banking

Download our free app and start banking any time, anywhere.

One spot to pay all your bills. Set up one time or recurring payments.
Push Notifications - customize alerts and notifications to stay informed wherever you are.
Transfer between accounts you have with us or somewhere else.
Easily deposit checks by taking a photo.
The latest statements at your fingertips.

Full Online Banking and Bill Pay service on your mobile device


Your mobile device is indispensable, so it makes sense to manage your accounts on it, too. To use our Mobile Banking App*, first register for Online Banking through your mobile browser. To register, go to the Account Login menu on our home page, click Enroll, then click Personal and follow the screen prompts to finalize Online Banking registration. Once completed, download our free Mobile App* from either the App Store® Store for Apple** devices or the Google Play™ Store for Android™** devices.

Online and Mobile Security

Your online security is very important to us. Our Mobile Banking service is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. Mobile Banking does not save User IDs or Passwords, and each session requires a full login. Mobile Banking also utilizes Inactivity Timeout. With our security features, you can monitor your accounts, transfer money and more with peace of mind. You must have the latest version of the app installed in order to take advantage of all the benefits of mobile banking.

Mobile Device Safety Settings to Maximize Security

It's important for you to be proactive in protecting your online financial and personal information, too. We recommend that you take the following steps to maximize security on your device.

  • Check your phone to ensure that the Security Notification setting is turned on to receive alerts by phone or email.
  • Limit the phone functionality while your device is in the locked position to deter fraudulent device activity.
  • Lower the timing on your Auto-Lock setting to prevent anyone from gaining access to your information.
  • Decrease the number of notifications sent to your device to reduce full access to your phone.

Please read these additional security tips. Conducting mobile banking in public places, possibly in proximity to those seeking to steal account data and information, personally or using electronic devices, involves additional risks. Users should be on high alert to their surroundings and always verify the screens when using the Mobile Banking App.*

Online Banking Resources

Read our product disclosures.

Be sure your browser is updated to the latest version for optimal compatibility with Online Banking.

Review these websites for additional Cyber Security information.  

*Data fees from your mobile carrier may apply.
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