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Let's Ace the 2021 Tax Season.

We’ve gathered some tips to make filing your taxes as easy as possible.

Tax season kicked off on January 24, when the IRS began accepting and processing 2021 tax returns. Knowing it may not be your favorite season, we’ve compiled some tips to help make the process a little smoother. Remember: The deadline to file or request an extension is Monday, April 18.

Gather all of your records in one place.
Don’t wait until you sit down to file to get your information together. Take time to organize your 2021 tax records, including:

You can set up or log in to your IRS account to access personal tax account information, including previous payments and tax records (e.g., adjusted gross income). 

Did you receive an Advance Child Tax Credit or an Economic Impact Payment in 2021? Keep those records handy, too.
The IRS mailed letters to everyone who received an Advance Child Tax Credit or Economic Impact Payment last year. These letters contain important information, including the amount you received in each payment, so have them nearby when you fill out your tax return. 

File electronically for a faster refund.
If you file electronically, the IRS estimates that you will receive your refund check, if applicable, within 21 days. For even faster payments, set up Direct Deposit. View the instructions for setting it up on the IRS website.

Be smart with your refund check.
According to the IRS, last year’s average refund check was $2,800. For an easy way to grow your refund check, consider Apple Bank’s Simple Savings, our online account that allows you to earn interest on the money you save. Open your account today, so you can start saving as soon as your refund comes in.