Switch Kit

Switching your account to Apple Bank is fast and easy.

Time for a better way to bank.


Tired of being treated like you don't matter? Switch to a bank that prioritizes your needs and treats you with the respect you and your money deserve. At Apple Bank, we make it easy to switch checking and savings accounts to us. Here's how to do it in a few easy steps.

Open your Apple Bank account

Stop using your old checking account

  • Leave enough money in your old checking account to cover any outstanding checks and pending automatic payments. When all outstanding items have cleared, you’re ready to close your old account.
  • If you have Online Banking and Bill Pay service with your old account, print your existing payee screens and use this information to set up your Apple Bank Online Bill Pay service when you register for Online Banking.  Please note the payee name, address, phone number and account number.

Print, complete and deliver these forms to Apple Bank

  • Change Payroll Direct Deposit: Complete this form if you have direct deposit of your pay.
  • Change Benefit Direct Deposit: Complete this form if you have direct deposit of retirement or pension funds, Social Security payments, or military or other government benefits.
  • Change Automatic Payments: Complete this form if you have automatic withdrawals from your checking account to pay your mortgage, auto or other loan; homeowner’s, auto or life insurance; utility, phone or cable bills; or other automatic payments. Please include all providers that use your old account number or debit card number and any online automatic payment accounts.

 Print, complete and deliver this form to your previous financial institution

  • Close Account: Once all checks and transactions have cleared, and all your automatic credits/debits have been changed, use this form to contact your previous financial institution to close your old account and have the outstanding balance sent to you. Destroy any unused checks and deposit slips, as well as old ATM and debit cards.