Apple Bank Visa®​ Business Debit Card

Manage and control your business cash flow with 24/7 convenience.

Use for business expenses, daily purchases and cash needs
Pay business bills and set up recurring payments
Provide employee cards with preset limits
Includes Visa® Zero Liability* protection
Visit your local Apple Bank branch to apply

Safer and more convenient than using checks or cash.

Running your business is challenging enough without worrying about having enough cash on hand for business expenses. The Apple Bank Visa® Business Debit Card takes care of everything so you can buy supplies, cover travel and entertainment costs, pay bills and get cash, quickly and easily. Use your card to obtain cash at any ATM, make deposits at Apple Bank ATMs, and make purchases and get cash back at millions of participating Visa merchants worldwide. Your expenses are automatically deducted from your business checking account. Monthly reports help you track and reconcile monthly expenses.

Monitor your business checking account and other business banking activity 24/7 with our Business Online Banking service

*If your card is lost or stolen, Visa’s Zero Liability policy protects you against fraudulent use of your card for transactions processed over the Visa network, including transactions made via telephone or on the Internet. Please review your Business Debit Card agreement for details. Please see the Apple Bank Business Debit Card Disclosure for terms and conditions.