Your FDIC-Insured Deposits at Apple Bank

A summary of FDIC insurance as it currently applies to your accounts at Apple Bank is shown below. For more information, please speak with an Apple banker, or visit the FDIC website at

$250,000 Per Depositor, For Each Account Ownership Type*

Personal and Business Checking Accounts including:

IOLA Attorney Trust Checking Accounts

  • Apple ExtraValue Checking
  • Apple BasicValue Checking®
  • Apple ClassValue Checking®
  • Apple Choice Checking
  • Apple SimpleValue Business Checking®
  • Apple GoldValue NOW Checking® 
  • Apple Edge NOW Checking®
  • Apple Grand Yield NOW Checking

All Certificates of Deposit

All Savings Accounts including:

  • Apple Premium Savings Account
  • Apple Super Savings Account
  • Apple Savings Account
  • Apple Simple Savings
  • Apple Grand Yield Savings® Account
  • Apple BONUS Savings Account
  • Apple Edge Savings Account
  • Apple Youth Savings Account
  • Apple Bank Club Savings Account
  • Lease Security Accounts

All Money Market Accounts including:

  • Apple Money Market Account
  • Apple Advantage Money Market® Account
  • Apple Edge Money Market Account
  • Apple Treasury Bill Indexed Money Market Account
  • Apple Business Money Market Account

*Deposits may be insured for more than $250,000 depending on the way they are titled. Click here to use the FDIC's Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator.