In the Community

Rooted in our communities since 1863.

Throughout our history, we have maintained the principle that our institution will achieve financial success only so long as the communities we serve remain viable places in which to live and conduct business. We are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve in the five boroughs of New York City, on Long Island and in Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Our future as a financial institution depends upon our ability to assess the credit and related financial needs of our marketplace and respond accordingly. Apple seeks to utilize all its resources, consistent with safe and sound business practices, to help meet the credit, investment and service needs of these neighborhoods, especially low to moderate income communities.

Apple Bank is a conservative but active commercial real estate lender for its own portfolio. We are proud of our prudent lending that stimulates local economies and includes new residential or retail properties, creates affordable housing, and provides working space for social service agencies, art and cultural institutions. Our commercial loans are offered throughout the metropolitan New York area, often in areas that are economically disadvantaged.

Apple retail banking products include affordable checking accounts, savings accounts and other investment alternatives. Apple is aware that for the unbanked and under banked, access to an affordable account can save hundreds of dollars per year. 

We invest in community initiatives fostering community development and affordable housing. Our community investment provides financing that creates resources and opportunities for economically disadvantaged areas and households. 

We encourage employee volunteerism, and many offer their time and talents as board members for various organizations, including those engaging in needed community development social services such as financial literacy programs for youth and adults, small business support, and affordable housing providers. Our branches also get involved in the community, serving as venues for first-time homebuyer seminars, financial literacy, food and clothing drives, and house community meetings for both local small business improvement initiatives and social service organizations.

Some examples of the many organizations we are proud to partner with include:

  • City Harvest
  • University Neighborhood Housing Program
  • Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce & Harlem Week
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of New York
  • Long Island Housing Partnership
  • The Housing Partnership New York City
  • North West Bronx Clergy Community Committee (NWBCCC)
  • Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
  • The Leviticus Fund
  • Association for Neighborhood Housing Development (ANHD)
  • Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE)
  • New Harlem East Merchants’ Association (NHEMA)
  • Isabella Geriatric Center
  • Riverstone Senior Citizens Center
  • West Side Cultural Center
  • Broadway Mall Association
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • BIDs in our Communities
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • NYPD National Night Out Against Crime
  • Local School and College Financial Literacy Programs
  • Scout Troops

For more information on our community activities, please contact us