Low-cost collateral loans secured by your savings.

Instant, low-cost financing using your savings as collateral
Choose from loans and lines of credit
Competitive rates and convenient repayment terms
No application or annual fees
No personal financial information or credit bureau reports required

An easy and flexible way to borrow. 


When it comes to secured loans, Apple Bank makes it simple. Our SureCredit® products offer you an immediate, low-cost way to borrow* for personal needs of any kind – whether you’re buying a car, funding college tuition, renovating your home, planning your dream vacation, or just meeting unexpected expenses.

Use your Apple Bank savings or Certificate of Deposit accounts to quickly and easily secure your SureCredit loan.** Select any Apple Bank savings or CD account as your collateral account, and you continue to earn interest on the funds secured. You may change the renewal terms of your CD at maturity and still have your SureCredit loan available for any use. See which product is right for you.

And there’s more! For consumers without a previous credit history, or those who need to establish, repair or enhance their personal credit history, properly maintaining a SureCredit loan provides you with an opportunity to reach your goal. That is because Apple Bank routinely reports your payment history to the credit reporting agencies. 


  • Fixed-rate, all-purpose installment loan with a competitive rate. 
  • Take up to 72 months to repay, regardless of the type of account pledged as collateral.
  • Choose the repayment method that best suits your needs: monthly or on demand in one lump sum for up to 12 months.
  • Each installment payment decreases the hold against your pledged funds.
  • $500 minimum loan, secured by one or more of your Apple Bank savings or CD accounts.


  • Competitive fixed-rate overdraft line of credit linked to your Apple Bank checking account.
  • Helps avoid overdraft fees for returned checks or insufficient funds.
  • Convenience, flexibility and protection in the event that you overdraw your checking account.
  • Checks, debits and payments covered up to authorized limits.
  • Low monthly payments and no annual fee.
  • Pay competitive rates only for the credit you use.
  • Funds become available to use again as you repay.
  • $500 minimum line, secured by one or more of your Apple Bank savings or CD accounts.

For details and current interest rates on SureCredit products, speak to your Apple banker. To apply for a loan, visit any of our convenient branches.  If you have a qualifying account, your loan could be approved in just minutes!


*Certain restrictions apply to loan amounts based on terms of the loans. Please speak with an Apple banker for more information. **The following Apple Bank accounts are not eligible as collateral credit: IRAs, QRPs, SEP retirement accounts, money market accounts and funds held in certain fiduciary capacities.