Direct Deposit

Enjoy security and peace of mind, knowing your money is available immediately upon deposit.

Recurring payments are electronically deposited to the account you specify
Safer and easier than paper checks
Saves time
Streamlined recordkeeping
Checks directly deposited into interest-bearing accounts earn interest immediately

The convenient and reliable way to bank.

Apple Bank's free Direct Deposit service automatically deposits your paycheck or other recurring payment check directly into your account.  No more traveling to the bank or relying on the mail to deposit your money, or waiting in line to cash your paycheck. You'll never have to wait for your paycheck, benefit or dividend check to clear again - - and your money is available immediately upon deposit, before the bank opens.

Safer and easier than paper checks.

With Direct Deposit, funds are electronically transferred from your employer's payroll account (or other recurring payment account) directly to the account you specify.  Protect your money from loss or theft - - with Direct Deposit, you'll never need to be concerned about lost or stolen recurring payment checks again. 


Sign up for Direct Deposit of Federal or state benefit checks

  • Present a copy of your government check or award letter to your Apple banker. Your banker will process your request and your benefit check will be automatically deposited into the Apple Bank personal checking, savings or money market account you specify.


Sign up for Direct Deposit of payroll and other non-government recurring payments

  • Obtain a Direct Deposit form from your employer’s payroll or benefits manager for direct deposit of your paycheck and/or other company benefit.
  • Contact your plan administrator to arrange for direct deposit of self-directed retirement plan benefits or union pension plan benefits.
  • Contact your financial advisor to set up direct deposit of stock dividends.
  • Complete the respective Direct Deposit form provided. Include your direct deposit account number and Apple Bank’s ABA routing number 226070584 on the form.
  • When completed, return the form to your employer, benefits manager or plan administrator.