Direct Deposit

Enjoy immediate access to your money with Direct Deposit to your Apple Bank account.

Get immediate access to your funds
Save yourself a trip to the branch
Skip waiting in line to cash your check
Start earning interest on the day of deposit
View deposits and make transfers through Digital Banking 

Direct Deposit is a fast, convenient and secure way to bank.

Apple Bank's free Direct Deposit service allows you to automatically deposit your paycheck, Social Security or other recurring payment you receive by check directly into your Apple Bank personal checking, savings, or money market account. Looking to protect your money from loss or theft? With Direct Deposit, you'll never need to be concerned about lost or stolen recurring payment checks again.  

Additional benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Your money is available immediately.
  • No more traveling to the bank or relying on the mail to have your check deposited.
  • Funds are credited to your account early in the day –  in most cases, before the bank even opens. 

No more waiting in line to cash your check.

With Direct Deposit, you’ll be able to immediately access your money, so you can:

  • Withdraw cash at the ATM.
  • Make purchases with your debit card.
  • Make transfers through Digital Banking.

Signing up for Direct Deposit is simple!

All you need is:

  • Apple Bank's ABA routing number: 226070584
  • The personal checking, savings or money market account where you would like your deposit to go.
        Locate your Apple Bank account number

Use Direct Deposit for your employer's payroll. Here’s how:

  • Complete the direct deposit form that your employer provided to you along with:
    • Apple Bank's ABA routing number: 226070584
    • A voided check from your Apple Bank checking account  or provide your savings account number
  • Provide the form to your employer’s payroll office  OR 
  • If you need to transfer accounts to Apple Bank, use our Switch Kit to get started.

Use Direct Deposit for your federal or state benefit checks. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your my Social Security account to register for Direct Deposit for your Social Security checks. (If you don’t have a my Social Security account, create one here.)
  • Need assistance? We can help. Present a copy of your government check or award letter to your Apple banker by visiting your local branch. Your Apple banker can assist in the processing of your request so your benefit check will be automatically deposited into your Apple Bank personal checking, savings, or money market account.